Founded in 2007, American River Ag strategically developed a warehousing, trucking, and rail infrastructure that helped bring quality upcycled ingredients to market in the Western United States. Recruiting qualified leaders in the ingredient procurement and processing industries – from traders to logistics to administrative support – American River Ag has the optimal team in place to offer industry-best customer service from the beginning to the end of every transaction.

American River Ag is proud to be a USA Sourced and Organic Ingredient Specialists, and we are now the largest upcycled sweep potato ingredient company on the West Coast.


Stockton, CA – Port of Stockton

Our Stockton facility focuses on import / export, warehousing, transloading, rail, truck, vessels, container, toting, blending, grinding, and pelleting.

Courtland, CA – Warehousing & Facility

Our Courtland warehouse and facility focuses on import / export, dehydrating, warehousing, transloading, truck, container, roasting, and grinding.